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ATC RedoxFat Slimming Capsule 500mg  (30's)


It is a slimming food supplement that contains 7 times more L-Carnitine a natural antioxidant that aids in fat-burning and increases the energy for more effective workouts. It also has Green Tea extract which helps in speeding up the metabolism and fight free radicals to keep your immune system strong and your body healthy.


  • Improves muscle strength
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Raises energy levels
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Detoxifies the body



• 350mg L-Carnitine

• 150mg Green Tea Extract


ATC RedoxFat Slimming Capsule 500mg (30's)

  • L-Carnitine - A substance that helps the body turn fat into energy. It is responsible for the transport of fats (long-chain fatty acids) into the energy-producing centers of the cells known as the mitochondria. This is where fatty acids are oxidized to produce vital biological energy that is essential to run all cellular processes. In other words, L- Carnitine helps the body convert fatty acids into energy that is necessary for muscular and all other activities throughout the body. Lastly, It reduces fat mass and increases muscle mass.

    Green Tea Extract - Green tea extract is derived from leaves of camellia sinensis, the plant from which green, black and oolong teas are made. Green tea is commonly used in diet pills because of its ability to raise the metabolism and burn fat. Green tea triggers weight loss by stimulating the body to burn calories and decreasing body fat. Green tea extract is bioflavonoid rich, and one of its primary uses is fighting free radicals in your body. It contains high level of polyphenols (a bioflavonoid), and is also a rich source of EGCG (an anti-oxidant), which is 200 times more potent than vitamin E in fighting free radicals and pro-oxidant. Green tea is said to have many health benefits, like lowering cholesterol, boosting immune systems and helping to prevent cavities and tooth decay, among others.

    Recommended Usage:

    Take 1 capsule a day with lukewarm water. Preferably taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before meal.

    Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight & store in a dry cool place with temperature not exceeding 25C

    Note: Tell all your health care providers about any complementary health practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.


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