BN (Bianca Naranjo)

Acne Set




BN Acne Toner 60ml

BN Day Gel 10g

BN Scar Cream 10g

BN Extreme Whitening Soap 220g

BN Acne Set


    1. Wash face using either extreme whitening bar soap or extreme whitening liquid soap. 

    Remember: when using extreme bar soap never leave it for too long in your face during your first use as you may feel some unwanted reaction or " slight paghahapdi". 

    2. Pat face dry using a soft and clean cloth.

    3. Take off excess impurities by applying acne toner. 

    4. Apply scar cream on some parts of your face where there is scar formation(acne scars and another form of skin blemishes).

    5. Leave for at least 10 minutes before applying Day gel with spf 40

     to protect your face against harmful sun's rays 

    and to moisturize it at the same time. 

    -When done daily rest assure your face will glow

     while it takes away pimples and scarring.

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