BN Bianca Naranjo Peeling Oil (60ml)

(1 bottle only)

Say goodbye to dull skin and hello beautifully smoother and whiter skin! 
BN PEELING OIL is a chemically safe product that enhances the appearance
 of one's skin by pulling the outermost layer of the skin gently and safely.
Chemical Peeling is responsible for a much faster whitening result 
since that dead skin cells are removed making it a lot easier 
for Extreme whitening Products to absorb deeply. 


BN Ultra White Power Peeling Oil (60ml) 1 Bottle

  • Unveil the first phase for fast whitening result 



    Effective whitening comes with keen responsibility. 

    It is best to undergo peeling so it sloughs off the top layer of your skin which covers the dead cells causing it to look dull, dark, blemished and uneven. 

    When undergoing peeling processes it is best to follow up with the right skin maintenance such as applying hypo allergenic BN Extreme Whitening Lotion and all other products to further enhance your skin tone. 


    ✓BN peel oil is only a superficial skin peel and is therefore safe to use at home even without any professional assistance. 

    ✓peeling oil helps in lightening dark areas like elbows, knees, underarm and other dark areas of your body in just a week. 

    ✓BFAD/FDA approved 



    How important is skin peeling? 
    Primarily we need to undergo skin peeling processes so we can reveal a renewed, healthier and smoother skin. 
    It is also essential for fast whitening results since that peeling is the first step
    for effective absorption of products nutrients.
    Benefits of BN PEELING OIL: 
    Eradicates skin blemishes such as scars
    Makes skin smoother 
    Makes skin fairer 
    Promotes healthier skin Skin becomes supple
    Gives that even tone skin.


    Directions on how to use: 

    1 bottle of the peeling oil can only be used for a certain part of your body you wish to correct (for example both arms, or both legs).
    It is advisable to do it one area at a time since that peeling prohibits you to apply anything and have it wet for 3days. 
    Next, make a long enough stick and have it covered with cotton. 
    Apply the peeling oil using this stick and stroke in an upward manner. 
    Once first coating is done u can let it dry through facing at an electric fan. 
    Once totally dried, do the same thing to your 2nd coating and on third coating and lastly on 4th. 
    Remember to give at least 10minutes interval before applying the next coat.
    If you feel any discomfort like slight itching apply hydrocortizone cream. 
    You are not allowed to apply anything on the first 3 days of peeling process.
    You are not allowed to eat foods you are allergic to. 
    You are not allowed to pour in water or bath the area where you have done the peeling.
    Refrain from sun's exposure. 
    (these precautions are important to get the best and safest result for peeling) 
    Remember patience is a VIRTUE!
    On the 4th or 5th-day skin will peel off!
    Follow up maintenance are like liquid soap, clarifying toner and extreme lotion!



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    Patricia Bianca Beauty Solutions

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