Cyleina Organic Carrot Soap 120g


Clarifies acne prevents oiliness promotes healthier skin cells

Made with Organic Extracts with Cinnamon and Pineapple 



Key to its success is CYLEINA's traditional, hand-made, cold processed and week-long curing method, utilizing fresh and organically grown fruit extracts that are very healthy for your skin. It easily dissolves because of its purity, it does not contain any chemical filler, making it an all natural premium soap which produces a rich creamy lather up until the last inch. This explains why your skin just feels amazing after each use.


CYLEINA assures you that you always feel that way because CYLEINA is your organic soap specialist.


  • Carrot Soap
  • Contains of Saponified vegetable oi, cocoa butter extract, carrot extracts, pineapple extracts, cinnamon powder and essential oil
  • To rejuvenate wrinkled, aged, and dehydrated skin
  • Help to improve skin complexion by removing toxic build-up
  • Protecting and repairing sun-damaged skin
  • Help maintain skin tone and elasticity


Cyleina Organic Carrot Soap 120g

  • Cyleina Organic Carrot Soap embodies 3 of nature’s most favorable skin enhancers by cultivating the potent properties of Carrot combined with Pineapple extracts and Cinnamon powder.

    Carrot extract has a formative effect in stimulating skin cell growth aimed to rejuvenate wrinkled, aged, and dehydrated skin. Anti-Oxidant features help to improve skin complexion by removing toxic build-up, while protecting and repairing sun-damaged skin. It contains Beta Carotene and Vitamin A to help maintain skin tone and elasticity, while anti-aging properties leave your skin firmer and more radiant.

    Pineapple extract is great for anti-aging skin care. It is very effective in reducing roughness of the skin, dark spots and blemishes. 

    Cinnamon increases the production of collagen on skin. It has antiseptic properties which help infections on the skin and protect from new infections

    How to use:
    Soap on wet skin and always take care to wash off after 5 minutes. If you keep Carrot Pineapple Soap more than 5 minutes, the acids in the fruit would sting your skin.

    Ingredients: Saponified vegetable oil, cocoa butter extract, carrot extracts, pineapple extracts, cinnamon powder and essential oil


    Content: 120g


    Caution: Always do a quick skin test when using new products
    In some extreme cases products may cause allergic reactions to acutely sensitive skin types. To be absolutely sure, you may want to test for product sensitivity. Simply apply a small amount of this product on your wrist and leave 5-10 minutes. Do not use product if irritation or redness develop. 



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