EL Beauty Rejuvenating Set  (Organic Papain Soap) 

Free reusable pouch



Level Up your Beauty!!



EL Beauty want a beauty high standard 

that puts focus on skin health to create a new skin. 

A beauty set that is highly effective, safe, and affordable.


    Switching to a natural and organic soap, 

a broad spectrum protection sunblock with Snail Extract and Aloe Vera

 and a skin friendly rejuvenating toner and cream 

with Clair Blanch to renew and exfoliate.


    EL Beauty also encourage the use of reusable packaging.

Level up your beauty

Value for Money

Premium Quality




EL Beauty Rejuvenating Set 

made with high quality products.


Papain soap instead of kojic soap


Rejuvenating Toner with salicylic acid, glutathione and vitamin c


Sunblock Gel Cream SPF30 with snail filtrate and aloe vera


Nightcream with glutathione and niacinamide



Reusable jelly pouch

EL Beauty Rejuvenating Set (Organic Papain Soap) Free reusable pouch

  • Our Beauty Set 

    🌸EL Papain Soap - morning & evening face wash to gently exfoliate your skin.

    🌸Sunblock SPF30+++ - fragrance-free sunblock cream suitable for almost everyone's skin. the hydrating formula is lightweight & non-irritating.


    🌸Rejuv Toner and Cream -  for tighter & healthier skin. with regular use to keep pores nice and clean and zero pimple.


    Inclusions of the set:




    Tinted Sunblock with SPF 45

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