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Gluta Lipo 12 in 1 Milk Tea (5 Sachets)
(Whitening and Slimming)

Detoxifies and cleanses the body specially the Colon or

Big intestine and removes unnecessary waste and toxins.

All Natural, Safe, and Effective
Proudly Philippine Made
Prevent diseases  and delays signs of aging
Detoxifies and cleanses the body
Lemon Iced tea flavor
Contains Stevia
Best taken Before the meal

Gluta Lipo 12in1 Premium Milk Tea (5 sachets)

Out of Stock
  • Glutalipo Premium Milk Tea is your quick 

    and healthier milk tea fix for less. Enjoy a delicious 

    and refreshing drink while experiencing the benefits of Glutathione, 

    L-Carnitine and the powerful detox effect of the drink 

    without sacrificing the pleasure of drinking something tasty.


    Not an ordinary Milk Tea. 

    The first Whitening and Slimming Milk Tea


    Satisfies not only your tummy, but also your body and skin.

    Gluta Lipo Premium Milk Tea use Stevia as sweetener.

    1 box, 5-sachets

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