Gluta Lishou Whitening and Slimming Capsules!



  • GlutaLishou Slimming & Whitening Capsule are capsules with unique formulation for slimming or fat burning & whitening from natural extracts.
  • Capsules contains the natural extracts of Green Tea and Grape-seed which helps in loosing weight. Glutathione a powerful antioxidant which help in Skin Whitening plus added Vitamins and Minerals like Co-Enzyme Q10, Vitamin C , Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, B6 & B12 which promote holistic health and helps in diminishing aging process.
  • GlutaLishou Slimming Capsules will help you to lose weight quickly and effectively plus makes your skin achieve Vibrantly looking white skin.
  • Main attributes of GlutaLishou Slimming & Whitening Capsules: - 100% natural composition, -Increases feeling of satiety and suppresses appetite, -Accelerates metabolism and burning of body fat, -Weight loss of 1-3 kgs per week and -Whiten skin, deminish sings of aging and dark spots.
  • Usage & Dosage: -1 capsule in the morning before breakfast. In case of heavy obesity it is possible to add 1 capsule in the evening. Maximum daily dose is 2 capsules. It is highly recommended to drink plenty of water during the treatment with GlutaLishou Slimming & Whitening Capsules.
  • Who are those not allowed to take GlutaLishou Sliimming and Whitening products? -People below 18 y.o and over 60 y.o, pregnant & lactating women. People with heart & kidney problem, high blood pressure, diabetes and nephropathy, cancer, metabolic disorder and allergies must not take these slimming product.

Gluta Lishou Whitening and Slimming Capsules

  • Benefits of our GLUTA COLLAGEN SOFTGEL
    Guaranteed to whiten your skin in just TWO weeks!

    • Glutathione-acts as an important antioxidant that helps combat free radicals. Supplementing glutathione can help improve the health in the body, giving a radiant glow skin caused by healthy cells and reduced toxicity in the body.
    • Collagen-helps diminish finelines and wrinkles, minimize scars, moisturize skin, improves skin tone, firm and tone the skin.
    • Grapeseed extract-known to treat acne,tighten and moisturize skin,reduce scars,restore collagen and fights aging.
    • Rosehip extract-regenerate skin cells and repair damaged skin tissue. Helps increase the appearance of burns, scars, wrinkles and stretch marks.
    • Lycopene extract-anti aging,anti oxidant and skin lightening
    • Hyaluronic Acid-skin moisturizer, anti aging,anti oxidant.
    • Vitamin C-a potent anti oxidant that can neutralize free radicals in the skin. Vitamin C is also necessary for collagen production and maintenance
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