JINJU White Soap 

Pearl Extract + WhiteTen Advanced Technology



Dark skin due to sun exposure and pollution everyday?


Clinically proven to brighten, lighten and moisturize any tired and dull skin


Jinju White Instantly leaves the skin feeling smooth and glowing, revealing the skin’s natural radiance


 Made from earth's purest ingredients since the ancient times. 


The only Korean Derma Quality Whitening Soap 

JINJU White Soap (3 bars)

  • Do you want to learn some tricks on how to Achieve Korean Pinkish White Skin? 


    Step 1: Wet your skin and make a rich foamy lather 


    Step 2: Leave on the skin for 3 minutes 


    Step 3: Rinse and Rub it with Towel 


    Follow these 3- easy steps and tell us your 14-day journey with Jinju White 14-days Whitening.

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