Kwailnara Banana Milk Body Lotion and Banana Milk Body Cleanser



Banana Milk for the Skin!


Kwailnara Banana Milk Body is launched as 2 kinds of body cleanser and body lotion, and container reminding of yellow-colored real banana milk is the best feature.


Containing 99.5% pure banana extract rich in tannic acid with rich vitamin and is effective for skin elasticity, it infuses new life into the fatigued skin.


In addition, for its harmony of royal jelly extract and banana, sweet flavor of banana elevates one’s spirits all day long as soon as it is applied to the skin.


Containing milk protein that removes keratin of skin and makes skin glossy, 'Banana Milk Body Cleanser that Skin Drinks' removes waste and keratin clean, and soft and rich milk bubbles completely to the soft skin like a bare skin of the banana.


Containing milk protein that makes rough and somber body moisturized and glossy, 'Banana Milk Body Lotion that Skin Drinks' is absorbed rapidly into skin without stickiness for its soft milk formulation just like applying the tender bare skin of the banana.


Very soft skin like banana fell plop into the milk.

A healing body lotion that sweet harmony of banana and royal jelly gives life to fatigued skin!

Containing milk protein which is effective for removing keratic

and granting shine to skin, it makes rough skin soft!

Light milk lotion type absorbed rapidly into skin without stickiness!


KWAILNARA'S own fruit juice skincare TECH

Nourishing/moisturizing/firming total care

99.5% pure banana extract

Contains Milk Protein (antioxidant effect, skin moisturizing, glowing skin, protein, calcium, vitamin supplement) + Royal Jelly (Anti-aging, fatigue/nourishing)



High antioxidant index helps to maintain young and healthy skin.



Completes glowing skin with rich nutritional ingredients.



Contains tannin for absorbing moisture, keeps skin moisturized and firm. 



Manufacturer:  WELCOS CO., LTD



Kwailnara Banana Milk Body Lotion and Banana Milk Body Cleanser


    1. Apply on face or the entire body when the skin is dry.
    2. Apply on arms and legs in inward and upward motions.




    1.  If by using this product, any of the following symptoms occur, including but not limited to itching, swelling, redness, or rash, please discontinue use. If these symptoms persist, please see a doctor/dermatologist as soon as possible.  
    2.  Do not use on areas of irritation, sunburn or on cuts and scrapes.  
    3.  Important storage information:  
    - After use, always seal any product tightly.  
    - Please keep in a safe location away from the reach of infants and children. 
    - Do not store extreme hot or cold locations. Store in room temperature.  
    - Keep away from getting in the eyes.


    Net Weight: 560ml

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