MISAKI Power Bleach Potent Snail Whitening Cream 

SPF65 (300g) 


Say goodbye and start to use MISAKI POWER BLEACH,

the anti cellulites and slimming bleach that will give you a whiter,

fairer and sexier skin.


Most Effective Whitening bleaching, 

Trending best seller All in One bleaching cream for face and body


Misaki power bleach... The beautiful blossom of Japanese Misaki, 

comes with a powerful bleaching and slimming ingredients. 

By decomposing the surplus fat in the body. 

It is made from 100% safe and effective bleaching 

and slimming ingredients. Which is effective and safe to use. 

With no damaging side effects. Blemishes, cellulites 

and unwanted fats. Which whitens and brightens your skin 

like a radiant complexion day by dayBenefits 

Misaki Power Bleach Potent Snail Whitening Cream SPF65 (300g)

  • With regular use this products can provide the following impressive effects 

    √Anti Pekas 


    √Anti Stretchmarks 

    √Removes Acne 

    √Removes pimples 

    √Removes body odor 

    √Removes dead Skin 

    √Underarm Whitening 

    √Fades old scars 

    √Fades Mosquito /insect bites 

    √UVA/UVB Protection 

    √Younger & glowing Skin 

    √Whitens bikini line 

    √lighten blemishes 

    √Rebalances oily skin 

    √Reverse premature signs of aging 

    √Diminish Fine lines 

    √ Even out skin tone 

    √Whitens and nourishes your skin 

    √Protect skin from further damages caused by sun exposureMain 




    Niacinamide,stearyl Alcohol, Cethyl Alcohol, Petrolatum Glutathione, Collagen, Arbutin, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Aloe vera extract, grapeseed Extract, Tea tree extract, jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Tomato Extract, Seaweed and Chili extract, Vitamin A, C, and E.


    How to use? 

    On a clean skin, apply ample amount of Misaki Power bleach and leave for 15 minutes or more. You may use it overnight.



    What is the difference of Misaki Power Bleach from other Bleaching Products? 

    Misaki Power Bleach only uses active ingredients that is safe on your skin.

     It will leave your skin smooth and glowing because of our anti-aging ingredients like glutathione, collagen, rosehip extract, grapeseed extract, tea tree extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Our Misaki Power Bleach has no hydroquinone.

     It is ready to use, no need to mix with hydrogen peroxide. 

    No messy application too.


    Does it help to treat pimples? 

    Yes, because of its actives: jojoba oil and tea tree extract

    Where is it made? 

     It is made locally here in the Philippines, using only Japan raw materials. Thus, we claim for Japan Formula.


    Can pregnant use it? 

    We do not use harmful ingredients that can harm pregnant women. 

    It is safe to use. However, darkening of armpits and neck is usually caused by hormones due to pregnancy.



    Can lactating mom use it? 

    Yes! We recommend moms to get back its glowing skin 

    with Misaki Power Bleach



    How many grams per tub? 

     300g per tub per box



    How long can one tub last? 

    Depends on usage. 

    For face and neck and other dark areas when used daily can last 2-3 weeks. 

    For the whole body when used daily can last 1 week. 

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    We will accept returns as long as it is UNOPENED AND UNUSED with complete packaging!

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