MISS BEAUTY Moist Skincare Whitening Lotion 
(PAPAYA) 310 ml


Miss Beauty Lotion’s concentrated formula nourishes and protects skin from harmful effects of sunlight, giving you a fair & radiant skin.

MISS BEAUTY Moist Skincare Whitening Lotion 310ml (Papaya)

  • PAPAYA Moist Whitening Lotion

    Papaya extracts contains rich vitamin C and vitamin E, which can provide rich nutrition and whitening ingredients to skin and improve dry and dark skin color.

    Yogurt Protein keeps and lightens the skin tone naturally, giving the skin fresh look.

    Naturally pure Soy Protein, it’s highly effective in giving a skin a lift, reducing wrinkles and restoring elasticity and firmness.

    Papaya Whitening Lotion has high skin whitening and brightening functions. It can remove dark pigments, even skin color, supply essential nutrition to skin, and make skin white and smooth all day long.


    How to Use: Apply Papaya/Milk Whitening lotion all over the body. Skin will become radiant and its tone will lightened naturally after daily use.

    TIPS: For Dark Skin Tone (or Morena Skin tone) who wants to lighten or have a white skin, it is recommended to use first the Papaya Moist Whitening lotion. You may also use both Milk and Papaya Moist Whitening lotion alternately for better results. Milk Lotion during daytime and Papaya lotion during night time

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