OTSUKA Placenta C Jelly
(31 days supply)

The hottest beauty & diet innovation from Japan!

Each pack of exotically Mango flavored Skin C placenta jelly

contains 15000 mg of premium placenta extract, which has been processed using

a special manufacturing process to eliminate any peculiar odors.

Individually packed portions of jelly are convenient and easy to eat,

especially if you don't like taking tablet or powder form of diet supplement.

Unique enzyme decomposition processing allows the collagen,

placenta peptides and hyaluronic acids to be easily absorbed.

This placenta and collagen beauty diet supplement is both safe and diet-friendly.

This product is sugar-free, caffeine-free and preservatives-free.

OTSUKA Placenta C Jelly 132,000 mg (31 days)


    • Low molecular weight collagen peptide: provides essential amino acids to replenish and restructure the skin from within

    • Elastin

    • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: a glycoprotein essential for the structural integrity of dermal matrix and a stimulant of collagen synthesis

    • Placenta extract

    • Swallow's nest extract

    • Ceramide

    • Vitamin C: a vital factor for collagen synthesis 



    Eat 1 pack per day as a dessert or snack.

    10g x 31pcs (31-day supply)



    Raw material name 
    Nest enzyme processing extracts of mango juice, erythritol, porcine collagen peptide, pig placenta extract powder, vinegar, cider vinegar, pork elastin, mangosteen extract extract powder, Yan, salmon nasal cartilage extracts, gelling agent (polysaccharide), acidulant, flavoring, vitamin C, sweeteners (sucralose, Acesulfame K), (part of the raw materials including gelatin) 


    Nutritional information 
    1 box 310 g per 

    Energy 112 kcal 

    protein 11 g 

    fat 0 g 

    carbohydrate 48 g

    239 mg sodium

    465 mg vitamin C

     placenta extract conversion 132,000 mg (3300 mg powder)

    6600 mg collagen

    elastin 220 mg


    13 mg in swallows nest extract 111 mg

     mangosteen extract 111 mg

     caffeine 0 mg

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