OTSUKA Placenta Drink 465ml

(one month supply)


OTSUKA GROUP Placenta Liquid Drink 155,000mg


*measuring cup included*

OTSUKA Placenta Liquid Drink 155,000mg (465 ml)


    Pour 15ml. of Otsuka Placenta Liquid into the measuring cup. Take it once a day.


     Country of origin: Japan



     erythritol, pig collagen peptide, pig placenta extract, pig elastin, hyaluronic acid, 

    Bird's Nest enzyme treatment extract, citric acid, flavoring, preservative (benzoic acid Na), sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), of (raw materials Some, including gelatin)








    102kcal per one



    Product Size (width X depth X height): 

    82 × 82 × 240








    1 465ml per energy kcal, protein 20g, fat 0.0g, carbohydrates 29g, 

    sodium 248mg, sugars 0.0g, placenta extract 155000mg (powder in terms of 3.875mg),

     collagen 15500mg, elastin 310mg, 155mg hyaluronic acid, bird's nest extract 155mg,

     caffeine 0mg, 1 times (per 15ml) energy 3.3kcal, protein 0.6g, fat 0.0g, 

    carbohydrates 1.0g, sodium 8.0mg, sugars 0.0g, 

    placenta extract 5000mg (powder in terms of 25mg), 

    collagen 500mg, elastin 10mg, hyaluronic acid 5mg, 

    bird's nest extract mg, caffeine 0mg




    Earth Biochemical



    [Product Specifications] 

    Breakdown: Contents: 465ml 

    Ingredients: raw materials erythritol, pig collagen peptide, 

    pig placenta extract, pig elastin, hyaluronic acid, Bird's Nest enzyme treatment extract, citric acid, flavoring, preservative (benzoic acid Na), sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), (raw materials including gelatin in part of) 



    Nutritional facts:

    (One (465ml) per) 

    Energy 102kc

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