SALUTA Reduced Glutathione 1800mg COMPLETE SETS

by ALL Young Pharma Formerly QAF Pharma




PER BOX CONTAINS: 1800mg x 10vials glutathione powder


Shandong Luye Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Yantai, Shandong PRC (Subsidiary of Luye Pharma Singapore)


Recommended Dosage:

1-2 vials, once or twice a week until satisfied with results

100% Reduced Glutathione

100% Pyrogen Free

100% Pure and Potent Antioxidant Power


SALUTA GLUTATHIONE is recommended by dermas and a lot of doctors because of its faster whitening effect! EVEN better if with VITAMIN C injectables!

Have a whiter, glowing and acne-free skin guaranteed


Saluta Glutathione Injectables 1800mg is one of the effective brands available in the market today. A 1800mg vial of it distributes the glutathione into the different parts of the body to reach the skin. Unlike capsules, it doesn’t go to the digestive track which will get destroyed there. Saluta also has reduced glutathione, which is absorbed better by the cells of our body, and more effective.


It is important for:

  • proper detoxification
  • improving energy levels
  • increasing endurance
  • having a strong immune health
  • disease prevention
  • antioxidant


Whitening Results:

Light Brown skin tone: 1 – 3 months

Medium- dark brown skin tone: 3 – 6 months

Darker skin tones: > 6 months


Whitening effects still vary with skin types and your lifestyle. Faster results are seen if you limit your alcohol intake, caffeine intake, smoking, and other forms of vices that might lessen the anti-oxidant effect of your glutathione and vitamin C. And of course, you still need to avoid too much exposure from sunlight. Drink 2 to 3L of water a day. 

which includes


SALUTA Reduced Glutathione 1800mg by All Young Pharma (Complete Set)

  • SALUTA is a Reduced Glutathione with 1800mg dosage. 

     We assure you of the seal of the Genuine SALUTA


    ALL YOUNG PHARMA formerly QAF Pharmaceuticals Inc. 


    The new company name that exclusively distributes SALUTA Glutathione in the Philippines. QAF Pharmaceuticals Inc is under new management.


    With this, QAF Pharmaceuticals Inc., changed its name to All Young Pharma. 

    QAF Pharmaceuticals doesn't exist anymore. Also, a new agreement was established at Luye Pharma with All Young Pharma as one of the exclusive distributor in the Philippines.


    For the sake of safety, QAF changed it's name to ALL Young Pharma 

    because for many years a lot of SALUTA was being distributed claiming to be from QAF, where in fact, it came from an unknown source. 

    Consumers are easily misled into believing that these are the original.


    If one is concerned about one's health and safety, 

    make it a point that what you get is the original, not counterfeit.


    Saluta Reduced Glutathione Powder for Injection is a registered trademark of Luye Pharma Group of Companies.


    Shandong Luye Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Yantai, Shandong PRC (Subsidiary of Luye Pharma Singapore)


    What is Glutathione?
    Glutathione in increased dose posts a remarkable good 'side effect' such as SKIN WHITENING". The greater the exposure to toxins, the faster the body uses up its supply glutathione. Without the protection of Glutathione, cells die at a faster rate, making people age quicker & putting them at risk for toxin induced diseases including cancer.

    Why is Reduced Glutathions A better form compared to the UNREDUCED form?

    Reduced Glutathione: glutathione acts as one of the major detoxifiers in the body, but it must be in the reduced form to work properly. Sometimes glutathione will be listed on the label of a product, however it wont be specifically listed as being reduced. The unreduced form is much cheaper and isn't metabolically active. Riboflavin, niacinamide, selenium, lipoic acid and glutathione reductase are all essential cofactors for generating reduced glutathione. Once the cysteine moieties become oxidized, they combine to form cystine. Cystine taken by itself is poorly absorbed.




    • Cancer treatment
    • Antioxidant & free radical scavenger
    • Protecting cells from oxidative stress
    • Maintaining the immune system
    • Treatment of poisoning (e.g.paracetamol/heavy metal poisons)
    • Treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
    • Lowering blood pressure in patients with diabetes
    • Increasing male sperm count
    • Treatment of liver cancer
    • Increase energy
    • Improve concentration
    • Slow aging
    • Protect the skin
    • Enhancing the immune system






    100% Authentic SALUTA GLUTATHIONE 1800mg

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