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Seoul White Korea Whip it!

K-Bright and Even Whitening Whip Soap 120g


Bar Soap with Ultra Fine net

Whips a soap and airy foam

Brightens and moisturizes skin



A 120g bar soap in an ultra-fine net whips a soft and airy foam that brightens, cleanses and evens out skin tone while leaving it glowing, moisturized and touchably soft

Seoul White Korea Whip it Whitening Soap (120g)

  • 3-Step Skincare Regime

    Step 1: Wet the soap and rub until whip foam forms

    Step 2: Massage onto face

    Step 3: Rinse with water


    Key benefits:

    Cleanses and moisturizes: The creamy lather draws out dirt and pollution, and gently exfoliates skin.         

    Gentle whitening: It lightens skin and minimizes the look of dark spots and acne marks while leaving skin touchably soft.


    Key Ingredients:

    Kojic berry Combined whitening powers of arbutin bearberry that lightens the complexion without any irritation or sensitivity and tried-and-tested kojic acid.

    White strawberry A rare and special fruit, the white strawberry is known for its magical ability to stay white—even under the sun! Infused into skin care, it’s as if it has an SPF-like effect to protect the complexion, and also works as a natural exfoliant for a double whitening effect.


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