Skin Embassy Beautifying Kit


Be Beautified. Be Always Camera Ready.



💖✨8 symbolizes infinity () and infinity means endless.

And we don't like endless skin problems! 


8 Skin Problems. 

One Solution. Be Beautified.Beautifying Kit Got Your Skin Covered.



❣️Stubborn Dark Spot


❣️ Pimples/Acne

❣️ Freckles

❣️ Large Pores

❣️ Sunburn

❣️ Saggy Skin

Skin Embassy Beautifying Kit

  • What Do Beautifying Kit Do?

    Beautifying Kit removes the outermost surface of your skin 

    to help reduce visible signs of skin aging, acne and discoloration. 


    At the same time, it reveal brighter, smoother skin. 

    What to Expect During Treatment Peels range 

    from mild to intense in strength. 

    Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, it is normal to experience 

    a variety of side effects as your skin goes through 

    the post-peel renewal process. 


    Side effects can include redness, dryness, 

    itching or irritation as well as swelling, tightness, peeling. 

    Proper Post Skin Care


    Wash your face with cool water.
    Moisturize and hydrate. Use a moisturizer during night time. 
    Drink plenty of water.
    Apply sunscreen with SPF50 or more.
    Avoid direct sunlight, heat or sauna.
    Do not over exfolliate or scrubbing your skin.
    Once your skin feels “back to normal” after a peel, 
    it’s generally considered OK to resume your normal skin care regimen.

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