Bkk Slimming Diet Pills D60 - DURO 60 (14 days) 



Bangkok Pills are a combination drug marketed for weight reduction. It's an appetite suppressant. Appetite suppressants curb appetite by causing a feeling of satiety (being full) by increasing the blood level of serotonin and cathecholamine, two brain chemicals that affect mood and appetite. Also, at the same time, they act as a diuretic (induces urination to remove water from the body) because of the furosemide. (Lasix, a well-known diuretic) in the Bangkok pills. 


Bangkok pills consist of appetite suppressants, fat burners (enhances your metabolism), body cleansers (laxative for bowel movement), sleep aid, and diuretic (makes you urinate).


For beginners, it is advisable to start with strong before switching to a higher dosage.


Here's the series: from mild to highest dosage of 

Bangkok Strong (for Beginners)

SUPER Strong 

MEGA Strong 


D45 (DURO 45)

D60 (DURO 60)





BANGKOK Slimming Diet Pills consists of Appetite Suppressants

FAT BURNERS (enhances your metabolism), 

BODY CLEANSERS (laxative for bowel movement)

SLEEP AID AND DIURETIC (makes you urinate)



• Loss of Appetite

• Dry mouth, hence you feel thirsty   

• Frequent Urination

• Increased bowel movement 


Sometimes, rare side effects occur such as rapid heartbeat/slight palpitations, nausea, slight dizziness/headache, tightness in the chest, and cold sweat. But these side effects, if ever they occur, wear off in about 2-3 days.


One set is good for 28 days and normally; an average person would lose 15-20 lbs. You may lose more weight if you do moderate exercise.


You may lose more weight if you do moderate exercise.


We suggest that after taking Bangkok Pills for 3 months, you take a rest for a while so as not to make your body immune to the pills. Four weeks of rest period would be enough.


While taking Bangkok Pills, PLEASE DO NOT SKIP MEALS. Eat small servings of food three times a day even if you don't feel like eating. Also, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.


Once you stop taking the pills, normally your metabolism would increase gradually. We advise you to develop a healthy eating diet while using Bangkok Pills so maintaining your weight would be easier.

Bkk D60 (DURO 60) from Thailand (14 days)


    D60 - DURO 60

    30 minutes Before Breakfast

    1 - Duro Cap Maroon/Gray - (Appetite Suppressant)

    3 - Moss Green (Fat Burner)

    1 - Peach Tablet (Diuretic)


    30 minutes Before Lunch

    1 - Duro Cap Maroon/Gray - (Appetite Suppressant)


    30 minutes Before Bedtime

    2 - Orange Mini Pills (Laxative)

    1 - White Mini Pills (Laxative)

    1 - Yellow Tablet (Sleep)




    BANGKOKPILLS - SAFER and more effective than other commercial diet pills.

    We sell only the GENUINE Doctor'sformulation

    Straight from YanheeHospital in Thailand.


    HOW DOES IT WORK? Suppresses Appetite, Burns Fat, Cleanses the body of Toxins in the intestines.

    HOW MUCH WEIGHT CAN I LOSE? You can lose 8 to 10lbs in 2 weeks... Or 15 to 20lbs in 1 month.

    IS IT SAFE? All our Bangkok Pills are Guaranteed GENUINE &ORIGINAL. Absolutely NO Fake versions.

    IS IT REALLY EFFECTIVE? Each person's body is different. 95% of clients respond very well to Bangkok Pills, but there are some whose body is not suited for it. That's why we give detailed instructions & advice on how to take the Pills. Just like any strong & effective medicine, Bangkok Pills have to be taken CORRECTLY. We provide Full support during the weight loss process & you may contact me anytime if you have questions.


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