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Gluta Lipo 12in1 Coffee  (10 Sachets)

(Whitening and Slimming)


Good news coffee lovers!!!

Gluta Lipo Detox Coffee is a coffee that can reduce body fat. No more harmful diets. No need to starve yourself, just indulge, be sexiest and feel the positive effects on your health.


  • All Natural, Safe, and Effective
  • Proudly Philippine Made
  • Detoxifies and cleanses the body
  • Best taken Before meal
  • Glowing and Slimming improvements after 2 to 3 weeks of daily intake.

Gluta Lipo 12in1 Coffee (10 sachets)

  • Antioxidant and an antitoxin.

    Major defense system against illness and aging.

    Slows down the aging process.

    Detoxifies and improves liver function.

    Strengthens the immune system.

    Reduces the change of developing cancer.

    Increase energy improves concentration.

    Softens skin and promotes whiter complexion. Refreshes your body. Promotes anti-aging and liver detoxifier. Refreshes your breath. Provides good oral hygiene. It improves heart and lung function. Improve mental functions.



    Contents and Benefits:

    Glutathione - Anti Cancer with Whitening and Glowing effect.

    L Carnitine - Increases Body metabolism which leads to weight loss

    Green Tea - Detoxifies and Cleanses Body Toxins.

    Collagen - Anti-aging and Improves skin elasticity.

    Garcinia - Control Appetite which leads to weight loss.

    Grape Seed Extracts - Decreases bad cholesterol and controls diabetes.

    Mangosteen - Effective in reducing weight, anti-cancer and reducing high blood pressure.

    Goji Berry - Improves feeling of well being and calmness, better athletic performance and quality of sleep and weight loss.

    Barley Grass - Improves the immune system and prevents cancer.

    Tongkat Ali - Know to fight weight gain and fights cancer cell

    Buah Merah - Detoxifies toxins and fights cancer cells

    Turmeric - Reduce risk to cancer and heart disease

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